We are both Light and Shadow…

Our shadows are created when we hide away the parts of us that we consider, or we are told, are distasteful, inappropriate or undesirable.   Gradually over the course of our lives we hide and neglect these parts of ourselves so that others can’t see them.  The psychological term Shadow was first coined by Carl Jung.   Robert Bly, American Poet, talks about the ‘long bag of shadows’ that we carry around with us.

Why consider the Shadow…?

Our Shadows are the parts of ourselves that we hide, repress and deny.  These can drive our behaviour patterns, often without our conscious awareness..

We believe that exploring our Shadow helps us find our Light, our Gold.  Along with the Shadow parts of ourselves, we inadvertently sweep valuable parts away into the bag too.  These are qualities and strengths that might really be of help to us in our lives.

Shadows can show up as extreme emotional responses to other people. Also when we experience our own out of control reactions and behaviours.   Looking at our Shadow, unpacking and exploring it, being gentle and forgiving with these hidden parts of ourselves and making friends with these neglected parts means we can enjoy better relationships with ourselves and others. 

Through Shadow Work® we get to reclaim our Light, our Gold. 

Shadow Work® is a personal growth process created by Cliff Barry which is designed to bring your hidden powers out of the shadow and into the light.

“The greatest act of human courage isn’t climbing mountains, conquering countries, or fighting in wars; it is walking into the mysterious abyss of one’s own inner self and truthfully facing ones pain and tortured shadows.”    Anonymous


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Hypnotherapy is effective.  Results may vary and success is not guaranteed.  Full client commitment is essential and the intention of the client, to make lasting positive change is vital.

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