Shadow Work® Weekend Seminar – Belfast
(Accreditation Weekend)

Our Shadows are the parts of ourselves that we hide, repress and deny.  These can drive our behaviour patterns, often without our conscious awareness.

When we act in ways that cause us to feel shame, or in repetitive cycles, there is often a shadow underpinning our actions.  We believe that within our Shadows are the gifts of great insight and greater self knowledge.

Shadow Work® is a way to uncover your gold, to see Shadow in a new way, to release shame, anger and fear and step into a new way of being.

During the weekend all participants will have the opportunity to be facilitated through a full Shadow Work® process.  This is a profound exploration, often resulting in great insight and offering change at a fundamental level.

We look forward to seeing you,   Sue, Ciaran and Peter

Thank you so much for a wonderful Shadow Work® Session.  I really enjoyed the day and it has been personally transformative which I’m so grateful for! I feel more calm in myself and when triggers arise I can feel into it and discern much better how to respond rather than just react. Thank you so so much!


Date/Time: Starts 4pm on the 7th until 4pm on the 9th June 2019

Location: Ardnavally Outdoor Centre, Belfast

Facilitators: Sue Buckingham, Ciaran O’Gorman, Peter Mulhall.  Mentored by Nicola Kurk

This weekend is non-residential.  Tea/Coffee, Snacks and Meals are provided while on site.

Cost: £350 for the weekend – some bursaries are available

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Important small print....

Hypnotherapy is effective.  Results may vary and success is not guaranteed.  Full client commitment is essential and the intention of the client, to make lasting positive change is vital.

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